Friday, 19 March 2010

Text Books

Electronic textbooks

The eBooks in the 1x1 project
are contents in a digital format that cover the entire curriculum of the subjects and aim to use at a reasonable level, the power of digital media (animations, simulations, videos, etc.. ) combined with several goals: to convey information, develop skills, promote attitudes, etc..

Modules or sections are equivalent to chapters of a conventional textbook, including a kind of itinerary recommended that binds the different modules and contains references to resources or Internet resources as supplementary material.

They also include exercises that provide both self-assessment and assessment carried out by the teacher.

The centre is free to choose electronic textbooks , the Department of Education subsidizes the purchase of licenses for the use of electronic textbooks with 30 euros per person. This price refers to the cost of all the subjects as indicated by certain publishers.

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